Year: 2023

Team Tui expo

On Friday the 8th of December Team Tui had a expo where we showed all our creations that we made for the past few weeks some students from the little classes came and even parents came to see what the students had made  . There was a lot of amazing creations that were made such as Faka ha’apai, Ti-ti, Kufi and many more other creations that were made. The expo also sold food and drinks but overall the expo was really fun and it was cool getting to see the different creations that were made.

Cybersmart WK8 quality blog post

For the Cybersmart task this week we had to use one of our blog post that we’ve already published and then had to see if it had a unique and interesting title, digital learning object, information about my learning and then category and tags. And if you didn’t have any of those following components then you had to edit it and then paste the screenshot onto the slide and drag the tabs to the correct areas. This Cybersmart task was very easy and simple and it showed how to organise your blog post more and what to add.

Cybersmart WK7

The Cybersmart challenge this week was called Cybersmart vocab. You had to do a word search then a match the description. The word search was challenging but also easy and the match the description was also a bit challenging having to try and match the word to the description that was given. But this Cybersmart challenge had to use a lot of thinking and looking. Overall this Cybersmart challenge was fun and interesting.

Rainbows end trip

On Tuesday 21st of November student leaders and other chosen students got picked to go on a rainbows end trip. We could wear mufti, bring money to buy our own food and got to do what we wanted for the day. We didn’t need to wait for a adult to take us on a ride we could go by ourselves and hangout with our friends. Me and my friends went on most of the rides together with each other but then we wanted to do different things so we all went to go on different rides. My favourite ride of the day was ether the gold rush or log flume. But overall the day was really fun and enjoyable.

Maths Activity

For maths today I did word problems these word problems were about having to use algorithm and place values. It was really easy but also challenging at the same time. I enjoyed doing this because we got to ether do the problems from the maths book, online or both. But overall doing this maths task was really fun and interesting.

Athletics day

On Friday 13th November we had athletics day at our school. There was 6 activities Discus, Shot put, Sprints, Long jump, High jump and rob the nest. 5 of these activities were ones we had to compete against each other for but there was one which was just a fun game which was rob the nest. I really liked high jump and long jump because they were fun activities to do. In the last block we had the finalist from sprints compete to see who came 1st 2nd and 3rd then after that we had relays. Overall I really enjoyed Athletics day because it was nice to get out of class and have FUN.

Kawa of care task

Today Team Tui had to do this Kawa of care task to see how well our chrome books are being looked after. This task included us having to write how we should look after our chrome books at school but also at home. This Kawa of care task was very easy to do but one thing I didn’t like was having to take a photo of myself. But overall this task was very easy and simple to do.

Adding and subtracting unlike fractions

( Maths WALT )  WALT : add and subtract fractions with related denominators

So today for maths, my maths group and I are learning about adding and subtracting fractions with related denominators. For the first task we had to do was find the LCD ( Least common denominator ). Then for the second task we had was to transform/change the fraction so that both fractions had the same denominator. To make sure both denominators are the same. Once they are the same you can then add and subtract. I rally enjoyed this Math task because it was challenging and also because it was different.

Island breeze

Today in the morning the beautiful Island breeze group came and performed for us. It was so fun and great seeing how they dance and all the different mixed cultures were so unique and different that those people were. My favourite part was probably when they were dancing and when the teachers had to go up and do a dance performance. They were even showing us that its alright to be different to others. A quote that I really loved that they shared was when the MC said ¨ITS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT BECAUSE THE WORLD WOULD BE BORING IF WE WERE THE SAME¨. I really liked this quote because not everybody’s the same and they are there own person. But overall I really enjoyed this Island breeze group coming and performing for us because it was such a great experience. And them sharing there culture with us was such a experience.

Maths [ Hit the button ]

For maths today our maths group wasn’t with teacher so we either had to play protect  or hit the button. The game I played was hit the button and me and Lesley even challenged each other about who could get the most answers correct. It was really fun playing because it gave us a challenge and we were also being very competitive which even made it even more fun. But also challenging a person really made me have to think fast and kind of helped me with my time tables a lot more.