Tag: Maths

Types of angles

For maths this week my group [ level 4 ] is learning about types of angles. For our learning today my maths teacher Mrs Fonua front loaded us about the different types of angles. And how many degrees the different angles were. I really enjoyed learning about angles because it was very interesting learning how many different ones there are.

Metric Conversion [Maths]

For maths today we were learning about KM, Meters and CM. The teacher first showed us and taught us a little bit about it then we got assigned to do a worksheet. Which was a sheet that had Meters, CM and KM on it. We then filled it out and the teacher marked it. When the teacher finished marking we then glued it into our book. I found this task very easy and intresting.

Maths Finding the perimeter of our shape

For maths today we were looking at calculating the perimeter of a shape. Mr Raj instructed that we play with the measuring tools available and then with a buddy, draw a random shape, calculate the perimeter and convert it into mm’s. Me and my partner chose to use a ruler. We then drew a shape which looked like a lolly. After we drew the shape we used a piece of string to go around the whole shape. Once we finished using the piece of string to measure the shape we then used the tool that we picked which was the ruler. And measured the string along the ruler to see how much centimetres it was. We got 86 centimetres for our perimeter.

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