Month: August 2022


For science were learning about flowers because Glen Taylor is going to the botanic gardens.  So were learning a little bit about pollination and flowers so we know what there talking about if they tell us about the flowers and what they do. We go on Wednesday the 24th of August. And we will have a session about flowers and things basically things that do involve flowers and stuff.


Ancient Rome

For L.C.S week 1 and 2 we were learning about Ancient Rome and we done slides about them it was 6 or 8 slides about Ancient Rome but they were all different topics about Rome but about different things. I learn’t a lot of new things about Ancient Rome stuff I didn’t even know. It was actually really interesting as well to learn about all this stuff. Also for week 2 for Ancient Rome we have to create a prototype like a weapon we chose to do I chose to do a sword so i’m gonna do a sword but that’s easy to do so it should go well.