Year: 2022


For science were learning about flowers because Glen Taylor is going to the botanic gardens.  So were learning a little bit about pollination and flowers so we know what there talking about if they tell us about the flowers and what they do. We go on Wednesday the 24th of August. And we will have a session about flowers and things basically things that do involve flowers and stuff.


Ancient Rome

For L.C.S week 1 and 2 we were learning about Ancient Rome and we done slides about them it was 6 or 8 slides about Ancient Rome but they were all different topics about Rome but about different things. I learn’t a lot of new things about Ancient Rome stuff I didn’t even know. It was actually really interesting as well to learn about all this stuff. Also for week 2 for Ancient Rome we have to create a prototype like a weapon we chose to do I chose to do a sword so i’m gonna do a sword but that’s easy to do so it should go well.

Fire Activity

Fun: Going to the movies with my family to watch the new Minions movie 

Integrity: Helping my Mum/Dad  clean the house and tidy areas

Respect:Using my manners when i’m supposed to.

Excellence:Cooking and baking with my Sister.

In class today we had to do this FIRE activity FIRE is our school values and the task was about our holidays it was a good activity to do and i enjoyed doing it because it sort of explains some of our holiday not all of it but you can get to know what that person did. 

Anime Portrait

  • Our LCS focus is Poly line and we have 5 categories Anime,Self portrait,Flower,Villain and hero but so far I’ve done Self portrait and Anime I think Anime was the funniest to do though like so far out of the 2 because of all the like different shades and colors. Here is one of my Anime characters.
  • Real                                                                     Fake

Last week Friday we went to fun run. Fun run is this type of thing where you have to run like 2.5km or something like that we ran from mission bay to  St Heliers and it was hard but easy so i would say like not hard if that’s the word but yeah but i did not come last which is good.

Life of animals in Aotearoa

For this week we had to split up into our levels for literacy we read this book called life in Aotearoa and I actually learnt a lot of new things from the book the book was about animals really but the ones that are extinct and on thursday we had to creat a doc and make  like news paper type of thing  and i enjoyed it.It was quiet fun.

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